Hard As Nails Garden Gnome – Ink Illustration

We were recently invited to participate in an illustration exhibition curated by Mr Gresty called Whispers (opens October 11 2013) and of course we said yes. We were then provided with a sentence/ theme to create our piece around and let me tell you we were pretty damn confused at first but it’s a Chinese whisper after all.

Our odd sentence was “Remembering the un-gnome-like disguise. One of the first thoughts we had were gnomes dressed up as various inappropriate costumes like spandex or an S & M outfit, gag ball and all .We ended up going to a portrait style illustration of a fucking hard looking gnome. Definitely not the garden variety. He has his favourite beer bottle cap as an eye patch to cover the ghastly wound he received squaring up to the neighbours tabby Ms Fit and he also bears recent wounds from the claw of a marauding crow.

This is the first large scale illustration (50cm x 70cm) I have created with fine dip pen, brush and Indian Ink, so it was a long process but I quite enjoyed it. Will definitely be creating more in the same vein. I’m not sure how many hours it took but I do know that the beanie took about 9hrs. It was kinda maddening.

Please join us on the opening night at The Hanbury Arms Pub, where you can see this illustration and a load of other weird and talented people. We are normally the louder of said people.

Follow this link to the Facebook events page for details on how to get there. Oh yea, invite friends and/or people you loathe.

Remembering_The_Un-Gnome-Like_Disguise_lowRemembering_The_Un-Gnome-Like_Disguise_3_low illustration illustration

Ardman_Process_1 Ardman_Process_2 Ardman_Process_3 Ardman_Process_4 Ardman_Process_5 Ardman_Process_6


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