Happy Halloween

Skeleton Straw - Happy Halloween


This was definitely the best Halloween I’ve ever experienced. D2G was instrumental in getting us to look the part and we spent the best part of 5 hours getting ready for the 5 parties we had lined up, which also meant we were suffering from a beast-of-a-hangover come Sunday. I went as Rude Boy Skeletor, D2G went as a just turned Zombie and S5A went as Skeletors Mistress.

We were set to make appearances at 5 different parties, starting in Camden to Old Street then Dalston and ending up in Hackney Wick for what was an awesome Halloween warehouse party. We tried to get pictures of the best dressed people we saw that night. Hopefully some of you remember us screaming “MR FOUR FINGERS!” after taking your picture and will see your pics here at some point. We’ve also created a Facebook group which you can find here.

We are also celebrating today with a 25% voucher which you can use to buy any prints from our store. The voucher will be available for the next 24 hours and will end at 1pm on the 1st November.

Enter Voucher code: HAPPYHALLOWEEN in the checkout to claim your discount. The voucher is only available for our range PRINTS.


Mr Four Fingers Halloween

D2G Halloween Costume - Just Turned Zombie

C3G Halloween Costume- Rude Boy Skeletor

Zipper Face Halloween

He-Man is a Cunt

skeletor fucked he-mans mom

D2G - Just turned Zombie

Swamp Man


Freaky Clowns

Skeletors Mistress

Face Off - Zombie Vs Skeletor's Mistress

Jason from Friday the 13th

Scary Fairy

Evil bunny and his mates


Halloween Street Dwellers

Skeleton with Attitude

Halloween Dress-up

Freaky Halloween Mask


Amazaing Mad Hatter Halloween Costume

Skeletor out doing a spot of shopping

Norma and Day of the Dead Fan

Bat Lady

Day of the Dead Bride

Zombie Nurse

Amazing triple-head Halloween piece

Country Zombie

Sexy Catwoman

The Penguin from Batman


The zombie builder

Duck Tape Face

Nuclear dude

Sexy Skull Couple

Zombie Girl

Freaky Face

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