Hand Study – Charcoal and Ink

I have recently been trying out charcoal as a medium, this time with a hand study. I have inked the hands first and then applied charcoal over the top and then using a combination of rubbing in with either,fingers, brush, or tortillon (blending stump thing)…pretty much anyway I want. After that I  erase selected areas with a kneaded eraser and try to keep it loose. If you created a ball with the kneaded eraser you can lightly press onto the  charcoal to create a stippled texture.

Charcoal, apart from being messy, can create nice textures. It’s these textures that I wanted to contrast with hard ink lines. I also just want to try ways of ‘rendering’ and I quite like the idea of it being unnaturally dark like dead flesh or stone. Sometimes, I think I just like to fuck around and then try explain why. Also, my hand study has shit nails or no nails. I HATE drawing nails.

The red to yellow on the one fingers is create with colour pencils and the blue is a wash of ink.

Every time I see work from either Micallef (mixed with painting) or Joseph Loughborough, I want to mess around with charcoal!

If you guys want to share any tips or any useful info (apart from telling me to to give up drawing) then leave a comment below.

Hand Study Hand Study Hand Study Hand_charcoal_and_ink_8 Hand_charcoal_and_ink_9 Hand_study_charcoal_and_ink_1 Hand_study_charcoal_and_ink_2 Hand_study_charcoal_and_ink_3 Hand_study_charcoal_and_ink_4


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