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We were approached by the Quarterly magazine, an up-and-coming photography mag, to work with one of their photographers, the talented Marc Pritchard, to do a shoot for the 2nd edition of magazine. This entailed a night-time excursion around Camden, in London, doing our ‘Left & Found’ Series and executing a number of ideas for the publication.

The editors of the magazine must’ve been high at the time because they even asked me to write a story to accompany the shoot. Honestly, have they never read our blog…?

You can pick up an electronic copy of the Quarterly for just £1.50 by visiting their online shop. The magazine is completely self-funded through various Kick Starter projects and doesn’t contain 1 page of advertising. It’s like listening to your favourite radio station, only the music never stops and the voice of Bill Nighy is not trying to sell you insurance.

Visit Marc Pritchard website here to view his photography portfolio.

Images & copy Extracts below are taken from article in the Quarterly.



London has been a huge inspiration in our lives. We often venture out in search for hidden spots to leave unexpected pieces of art, capturing unusual textures with our own style of amateur photography, making friends with randoms along the way, scaring small children (unintentionally) and, of course, enjoying numerous pints in-between.




There was a slight chill to the air as we journeyed through the dimly lit streets of North London and the alleys less travelled, searching amongst grime and shadows to place some of our latest ‘Left and Found Art’ which is our alternative to the conventional urban art scene. The night-time photography provided the perfect ambience for leaving art in dark places. We cracked on and found a derelict part of Camden, with harsh lights and shadows, which provided the backdrop for a pop-up gallery. 




We attempted an impromptu idea which involved luminous orange spray paint, a white wall and white t-shirts. But no sooner than we began were we busted orange-handed by police in an unmarked car who demanded to know what we were doing.


Mr Four Fingers now has a 100% record of the police showing up every time we use a can of spray paint in public.

Visit the Quarterly’s online portal here to download a full copy of the magazine which includes work from a host of other amazing photographers, no adverts, and some great writing to support the beautiful imagery.

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