Fast and Loose Ink Portrait – Ninja / Die Antwoord


die antwoord - ninja


die antwoord - ninja


For anyone that knows or has heard of the ‘rap rave’ group called Die Antwoord, then you will know who Ninja is. Not so long ago Ninja posted a few selfies on Die Antwoord FB page and BLAM here are some Fast and Loose Ink Portraits. If you have been following MFF then you will know I normally draw portraits of friends or commissions but this the first celebrity portrait. Also without permission so hope Ninja digs it or else it’s totsiens.

These were drawn with pencil, dip pen, indian ink and fineliner. The colour was added digitally as well as some of the texturing (only the red stripe with blue actually). I collect heaps of textures that I create which I then scan in and some are years old. The red stripe is a smear of paint on paper that I have kept from ten years ago.

Ninja has not seen these yet, so will fire over to them and see what he thinks. Just need  selfies of Yolandi  and the ever elusive DJ Hi Tek  to finish the freaky trio.

Visit Die Antwoord website HERE and FaceBook page HERE

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