FaceSkull – 09 – Elise

Our latest FaceSkull is of Elise from Au Palais. This is definately one of the creepier I have created (in a good way). When creating this piece I was wondering how to finish it, I felt it right to relflect the feeling, for me at least, of her music (and bro), in particular Tender Mercy. The song is beautiful, like waking up from a dream that lingers like an echoing voice.

The lower part of the face has naked branches in case you were wondering, flip the other way round and also looks like veins, so make whatever links you want. I like the dramatic sectioning of her face, even though it makes it look like she may be sporting a bob haircut (called something like that)

Illustration created with 2h technical pencil and touches of 2B, finished digitally with tea stained paper. Roughly A3


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