FaceSkull 8 – Tye

There is a boy who goes by the name of Tye and he wanted a faceskull. We obliged.

This is the first time we have decided to create a more 3D feel for the colour execution and we aimed for a graphic comic feel, seeing though as he is a kid. Illustrating his face was an interesting challenge, like all children, doesn’t have strong and developed flesh features and bone structure that adults have.

Cheers Tye!

Graphic pencil + digital colouring

FaceSkull Tye
FaceSkull Tye - Detail


Tye recently asked his mom for a brother. His exact words were: “We can make one, paint him and everything but mom we need to have all the instructions.”

Classic. And that’s just another reason why you are cool enough to rock the MFF Faceskull.


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