This is Mr Four Fingers submission to Threadless / Chrome T-shirt competition, entitled ‘Explore’. The brief is to design a T-shirt on the theme of urban cylcling  and what it means to you. This illustration is comprised of sketches of places I have seen in London.

We love cycling. Cycling is freedom.

This has been drawn with a blue V Tec pen straight to paper, so there are some slightly crazy angles.

You can score for this design at Atrium/Threadless by clicking this link.

Explore /White T option


Explore / White / Detail
Explore / Black
Explore / Black / Placement





  • fred says:

    Too boxy… looks like you traced those buildings from an original photo and a lightbox!

  • Admin says:

    “Boxy”, ok, well they are snapshots and not mean to knit together. Only naff photos blend together dont they? I have totally powerful lightbox, almost as powerful as the sun in brightness but funnily enough not as hot. I use this to see through the 220gsm card.

    Check out the actual Explore process.

    Have you created the e-mail account ‘unoriginal@hotmail.com’ specifically to leave comments for us? Or do you use this to leave your witty and razor sharp comments all over the internet?

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