Experiments With Ink and Spray Paint

These experiments with ink have been created because we will soon be releasing some Cosmic Effuse inspired print pieces and  I also happen to enjoy making these. It’s trial and error and what you see here is about 70% of the final outcome  and even a good majority if these will not be used.

If you are unaware of what Cosmic Effuse is you can check it out here. It’s a merging of scanned ink, like these below with the addition of a digital vector silhoutted figure. The free flowing ink and the solid black is a combination that I love. I also collect a heap of textures that I use in variuous digital illustrations like Stygian Self and many others. I think I will try various other silhouette styles, like painting some or fading/roughing up more.

The spray paint and matt spray varnish is a new thing I tried and hell I dig the effect! Feels so biological and creepy. Sorta reminds me of the black stuff on Prometheus.

experiments with inkexperiments with inkexperiments with inkexperiments with inkexperiments with ink

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