The Death Troll – Plastik Schmack


The guys over at Streets of Beige are at it again with another wicked exhibition, this time with Plastik Schmack .The idea behind the show, is challenging artists to bash the shit outta toys, to break them apart and combine elements to make something new. I expect there will be plenty of weird creations.

This is our contribution. Welcome, The Death Troll. Made from the unlawful union of WWF wrestler and Russ Troll, this evil spawn is rising to wreck havoc. Or adorn your shelf and collect dust. All the while gazing out from his coffin. Watching, waiting…plotting.

The process photos are pretty self explanatory. The head was attached using ‘green stuff’, the same putty that fellas from Warhammer use on their wee models. Putty dries rock solid. I don’t have the camera capacity to capture the glow in the dark eyes or the subtly glowing body after dark, so maybe the guys at SOB can give it a go.

Hope our little evil bastard makes it to Plastik Schmack without the Post Office steam rolling it.

 Death_Troll_Process_1 Death_Troll_Process_3 Death_Troll_Process_2- Plastik Schmack Death_Troll_Process_4 Death_Troll_Process_6 Death_Troll_Process_5 Plastik Schmack    Death_Troll_Process_10

Death_Troll_Process_7 Plastik SchmackDeath_Troll_Process_9Death_Troll_Process_11 Death_Troll_Process_13 Death_Troll_Process_12 Death_Troll_Process_15 Death_Troll_Process_14 Death_Troll_Process_18 Death_Troll_Process_17 Death_Troll_Process_16 Death_Troll_Process_21 Death_Troll_Process_19

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