Dan the Man – Process

Sketch 1
Sketch 1 - I Love this expression, think I will use for another project
Sketch 2
Sketch 2
Sketch 3
Sketch 3 - I ended up using a less 'striking' expression as this felt a little too imposing for what I wanted to achieve. I wanted a more traditional portrait expression.
Sketch 4
Sketch 4- Getting closer to what I wanted
DTM-1 - I like to start process by laying out loose shape of head and eyes to get proportion correct or near to real as possible without becoming bogged down with detail and realism as it can hinder the creative process.
DTM-4- Eyes rendered first, sort of like getting it out the way as this is the area where an image can let itself down.
DTM-6- Skipping over some steps but the cap texture was something I risked doing, but I done fairly decent job. I also tried to imagine making the cap with ears real and how would I do so. Why with metal and rivets of course.
DTM-7- I decided to use a more stylized donkey face to juxtapose the realism of figure
DTM-10 - Hey presto Dan the Man and some hidden gems.

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