Curious Dukes First Birthday

As mentioned in previous posts Mr Four Fingers was invited to Curious Dukes first birthday and what a great night it was. We felt privileged to be invited considering the other superb artists involved. The night was busy, the alcohol flowed and we certainly spoke a massive amount of shite. We were fortunate to have one of our original pieces bought (Savour the Flava), literally after I slipped it out out the envelope, by the Texan Judah Jones, a man with a mad handshake and a penchant for hot sauce.

Below are the three original pieces we contributed to Curious Dukes first birthday exhibition. ‘Through Your Eyes’ is a laser etch onto Birch from an original A3 pen drawing and was provided by the fantastic Good Empire. ‘Feel Your Way is a A1 pen and ink drawing with a few dollops of acrylic and smears of gouache. ‘Savour the Flava’ is a watercolour and indian ink on hand made recycled Indian paper. Feel free to drop by the gallery to see them yourselves on Whitcross St before the 13th of October 2012.

There is also a crazy sculpture involving earphones, a womb and silkworms. Yes that’s what I said. Be sure to to out all the other artists as they are all damn good. You can see some of  our work sitting astride  the awesome work of Hannah Adamaszek. We will also hopefully have some video uploaded at some point after we make it cool i.e. after we fix our erratic focusing.

Curious Duke First Birthday



Through Your Eyes

Curious Duke First BirthdayCurious Duke First Birthday


Feel Your Way

Feel Your WaySavour the flavaSavour The Flava

Savour The FlavaCurious Duke First BirthdayCurious Duke First BirthdayCurious Duke First BirthdayCurious Duke First BirthdayCurious Duke First Birthday

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