Cough Syrup – Pen and Ink Illustration

cough syrup - pen and ink illustrationcough syrup - pen and ink illustrationcough syrup - pen and ink illustration

Original pen and ink illustration, a splash of spray paint, finished digitally with pastel pink. By ‘Pen’ I mean dip pen and indian ink. As simple as this piece looks it took a fair amount of trial and error to get the shoulder and breasts in the correct proportion to head and each other.

The flourescent pink spray paint does not scan well for some reason. Thats the lighter kinda peach colour area by chin. If I ever done prints of this I would definitely hand embellish the prints with flourescent pink spray paint.

I like both version of this image, on both pink and white. I do think the pastel pink works slightly better.

The title ‘Cough Syrup’ was provided by a follower in Insta (Gilly Van Weirden) and I think it’s rather apt.

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