Collision Creation – Digital Illustration

Threadless Atrium have a competition that is running at the moment in conjunction with Sony where you create an image/illustration that is inspired by a song. We decide to create this abstract digital illustration called Collision Creation and is inspired not only by the music on Amon Tobins recent Two Fingers mix on his Isam tour but also the visual language he has created. Amon often uses abstract shapes to go with his chaotic sounds. This is what I see in my head.

His now famous ISAM tour, which we had the pleasure of seeing, has white cubes with images projected on them varying from erratic lines to large machine components colliding together. It is the best show I have been to, it was like witnessing the creation of the universe.

Our digital  illustration is a combination of vectors and scanned textures like ink and paper. I started with a basic idea in my head i.e. something circular with tessellation’s. I then created as I went letting it ‘grow’ so to speak. It was fun and a nice change.


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Digital IllustrationDigital Illustration

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