Chaos Rules – Left and Found

There is order in the chaos. I recently finished this illustration with pen and markers, it was originally one side of a skull set for another soon to be released print. I wasnt  happy with the angle of the skull for that particular piece, so not wanting to erase a perfectly good skull, I decided to pattern the shit out of it. I realised when I got right into it, that it was going to takes ages! Think it was only 13 hrs, but seemed longer. It’s only A4.

I think this design will go down well as a screen print, which is perfect as MFF is going on a screen print outing soon. So if you are interested in this design, then watch this space.

Another reason for uploading the design as soon as it was finished is because  tomorrow this ink drawing will be left somewhere in London, in the Kentish/Camden area probably. It has been awhile since we have done any left and found, as we have been wanting to create more detailed time consuming pieces. This piece will be framed. I sprayed the frame a nice gold, by half hanging out the window, which is on the third floor. Most of the wind blew the fumes back in the room. It was nice, so I continued.

So if  you are out and about in that area, keep an eye out for a gold framed skull.


V5 Hi Tecpoint pen + Pilot sign pen



  • says:

    Caos Rules!!! Wow amazing drawing!!
    My Dad was the lucky sod who found it in Kentish Town under the arches.
    He is actually a painter and really likes it. It will certainly makes great prints.
    Good luck with the great work.

  • D2G says:

    Thanks for letting us know Rory and it’s really awesome to hear that it’s found a good home.

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