Calm Before The Storm / T-shirt design

This is our latest t-shirt design entry for the Diablo 3 tee design competition over at Design By Humans. Diablo III is a game, possibly cross platform but I know it’s PC for sure, were you choose a player and set out on a mission to defeat evil and such. It also has a massive online multiplayer following as far as I’m aware. So DBH have teamed up with Diablo and are giving people the chance to design some tees focusing on one of their characters. I quite liked the look of this fella, Monk.

The entire process from sketching and researching to final was somewhere in the region of 20 hours. I know that the final drawing and inking was about 9 hrs. I spent a lot of time getting the pose right as I don’t often draw full figures so I had to make sure I had everything in proportion. Even looking at it now I notice that the left arm should be a tad smaller (I also forgot to remove a small section between the two ‘stones’ on the arm).  The main drawing was created with an extra fine dip pen/brush and Indian ink. All colours were added digitally. I blocked all in shades of grey first and then added colour with a final red spray paint texture overlaid as the final touch. The symbol in the background is Monk’s ‘Inner Sanctuary’, some sort of casting spells thing. This was specified to be printed as metallic.

Below is the final designs as well as the inked image, sketches and some screen shots of layers in Photoshop. I like seeing  other designers/illustrators/artists IMAGE CREATORS process so feel free to comment with any advice. I will also be investing in a Wacom soon as I find any colouring and digital work to be quite tedious when creating with a  mouse. It will never replace drawing as I love having the inked piece or pieces as real things in my hand.


You can follow this link to Design By Humans to vote. We are trailing staggeringly far at the back but maybe the judges will see that ours is a worthy beast.

t-shirt design Calm_Before_The_Storm_MFF_4 Calm_Before_The_Storm_MFF_3 Monk_Process_1Calm_Before_The_Storm_1Calm_Before_The_Storm_2Calm_Before_The_Storm_6 Calm_Before_The_Storm_5 Calm_Before_The_Storm_4 Calm_Before_The_Storm_3

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