Breaking Bad-Inspired T-shirt Designs

The fragmented mind of a man dominated by thoughts of meth and money. Welcome to the kingdom of Walter White, the most evil man from the television series Breaking Bad . In the Mr Four Fingers version Heisenberg’s face is fitted together from broken pieces of meth, the very thing that will destroy him.

breaking bad- mr blue

breaking bad t-shirt design - mr white

girls breaking bad t-shirt

After our last warning about our Batman t-shirt design, straight from DC Comics no less, we were rather apprehensive about designing a t-shirt based on a well known character which is from one of the best TV series’ I’ve ever seen – BREAKING BAD. But we threw caution, and many fucks, to the wind and went for it.

The illustration is a hand drawn portrait, then facets were the drawn in pen on tracing paper. We decided that the mustache needed to be goatee and the stare is more vacant like he is possessed, like a overlord surveying his kingdom. The t-shirt design is printed in two different colours and are aptly name Mr White & Mr Blue, and are available to buy from our Design By Humans online shop for just 24 smackeroos,which are $$$s by the way.


And now DBH are also printing designs on there cool things like iPhone/Samsung cases and prints, which I’ve included below.

breaking bad print

breaking bad iphone case



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