Bleaching T-shirts

I’m pretty much a Youtube fiend, I don’t watch conventional television apart from, uh, downloads and every now and again you find some cool DIY tutorials. One of these tutorials is bleaching t-shirts. I watched one video where a fella painted a Diablo design onto a black tee and finished with some white paint and the other was a lass creating some mad colour space scene. Both got me thinking about trying this shit out for ourselves.

We approached it by creating a stencil of two designs (you will only see one as the other result was horrendous), with the idea that we could use the design again. Let me tell you, it was  a bitch. More to do with us not taking our time and trying to do outside which was a little blustery. We also tried to Go Pro the tutorial. This will probably not see the light of day.

The end result was decent. Actually pretty cool. The stencil did not fare well. So we are going to attack this again soon, learning from previous mistakes and creating a durable stencil, most probably made from mylar. We will also create a video of us talking like idiots no doubt. There was another tutorial for bleaching t-shirts that incorporated freeze proof paper that you iron on to the t-shirt, that acts like the stencil. It means you can’t re-use but it does seem to work pretty well. It also tells you all the sheeeeit you need.

bleaching_t-shirts_skull_1 bleaching_t-shirts_skull_2

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