Beyond the Veil – Thought Process

It’s been awhile since we have uploaded some blog only info. So here is some inner workings and thinkings on the  process of a recently created a piece entitled ‘Beyond the Veil’. This also got us thinking that we could do more as a series. We really like the loose flow of ink, which is pretty much created by applying water to page and then dropping indian ink onto the page. Leave it in the hands of gravity. That is not to say we dont apply brush strokes here and there. This is all applied over a loose pencil sketch.

The organic nature is what’s so appealing and the next step we are going to try is applying this organic approach to a graphical/patterned image. Wonder how it will turn out! Below are a couple of images we blitzed out the other night, no patterns but more experimenting. The main face image (BVT2) actually reminds me of Michael Jackson.



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