Ashley Wood and ThreeA Toys (also know as World of 3A)

At what point does a toy become more than a toy but rather a fucking piece of art, a veritable sculpture? I’m talking about the toys created by ThreeA. This is a toy, entertainment and publishing company founded by Kim Fung and Ashley wood and holy shit do they have some cool stuff.

I was first introduced to Ashley Wood’s work via his awesome illustrations, in particular his work for Metal Gear Solid. (Check out this blog post by Luke on Kotaku for some insane MGS illustrations ).

ashley-wood-metal-gear-solid_2 ashley-wood-metal-gear-solidWO3A_0000_Popbot WO3A_0002_AdventureKartel WO3A_0003_MetalGearSolid WO3A_0017_AdventureKartel

Ashley is super talented, showing off his skills with brush and pen just as easily as designing ‘toy’ characters. I can’t quite emphasize enough how amazing the style and detailing of these toys are! Shit I had better settle down.

I was fortunate enough to visit the studio of comic artist Rufus Dayglo (Tank Girl, Solid Gold Death Mask) and man does Rufus have an impressive array of collectable toys. Amongst the armies of robots there are some ThreeA creations dotted about. Rufus happens to be mates with Ashley and they have or are currently working together on some pieces.

Whilst Rufus was chatting to me about these insane ThreeA toys  he handed me this figure below (think it’s from the World War Robot series) and said I could have it. Fuck yes please. Pretty chuffed to get my grubby mitts on this and I can tell you from now owning one, that the detail is damn good, all to way down to frayed and dirty material. These toys are amazing.

ashley_wood_threeA_3 ashley_wood_threeA_2 ashley_wood_threeA_1 ashley_wood_threeA_5 ashley_wood_threeA_4

I used to think shelves full of collectable toys was geeky. Well I still think it is but now it’s fucking cool geeky and now I’m a little jealous and by little I mean loads.


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