Artist Aaron Nagel’s Oil Paintings

We are getting more into the habit of sharing ‘art’ that we find astonishing and inspiring. This art can be in the form of a fine artist, illustrators or even sculptures. They are examples of work we aspire to or simply executions that we admire for the skill and patience involved. I have a folders on my computer of various artists that I occasionally look through that always give me a little bit of vim and vigor . There are guys doing amazing work out there. As art is subjective there may be loads that we share with you that you don’t like but every one you don’t like may be another persons favourite body of work.

That said here is a fine artist by the name of Aaron Nagel and holy crap can he paint. I always find oil paintings, especially hyper real paintings, curious as I struggle to wrap my head around the idea that what I’m looking at is indeed a replicated by hand. I have tried oil painting in my own ham fisted way and it’s one of those mediums that you have to spend a long time layering up and heaps of finesse (I guess this goes for  lot of art our there). His execution is amazing and the poses are great. It also helps that all his models are incredibly good looking.

I often watch process videos of oil paintings and I must admit I generally like the painting at the earlier ‘loose’ phase. Because of my like for things messed up I never know while watching these videos when the painting is finished! I feel like a kid asking their parents on a long road trip ” are we there yet?”

Nagel has some prints for sale and loads of process shots of his work on his blog that, if you are like us, are great to see.


aaron_nagel_3 aaron_nagel_1 aaron_nagel_4 aaron_nagel_7 aaron_nagel_5 aaron_nagel_2 aaron_nagel_6

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