400th Facebook ‘Like’ Free Original Illustration Winner

It’s that time again where we give our next 100th Facebook ‘LIKE’  a free original illustration. This time it goes to Natasha Ellis from Cumbria (400th) and as a thank you we are sending out an original A4 pen and ink illustration.

We were not able to contact the winner for our 300th ‘LIKE’  and so we gave it to a follower by way of entering a competition a and choosing a random winner. We were recently contacted by Matt , the original 300th winner explaning that Facebook placed our message into the ‘others’ folder (didn’t know it even existed). So being the gents we are we decided to send out Matt an A4 pen and ink original as well.

Once we know that the winners have these illustrations I will upload the actual images. Keep them in suspense!

Free_Original_Illustration_2 Free_Original_Illustration_1

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