4 High 4’s for 1000 Traveling Names

3 girls, 1 donkey, an ambulance, 1000 traveling names and the Mongolian Rally = 1 big adventure for 3 worth causes.

1000 Traveling Names and a Donkey, is a group of adventurers, and a donkey, who are planning to complete the Mongolian Rally, in an ambulance no less, in a bid to support 3 important causes. They need your help to get them to the finish line and to raise enough money for their respective charities. 1 2 3 GO!

Who are they doing this for and why?

1. They will be donating the ambulance to a hospital in Mongolia. Mongolia has a shortage of emergencey vehichles and they desperately need more ambulances – if you are reading this and know of any ambulances that are collecting dust, get in touch with the girls – i’m sure they’ll know how it can be of service.

2. They are donating funds to the Christina Noble Charity – This is the official Charity for the Mogolian Rally.

& 3. They are also raising money for the Pink Drive. This South African Charity helps raise awareness for breast cancer.

WTF are they thinking? No-one can say but we know these girls to be extremely kind, creative, independent, strong and a bit nuts and that’s just what is needed when braving such a daunting task. Their journey starts in London and they will be driving through more than 10 countries covering roughly 10 000 miles, including some formiddable deserts and mountain ranges, and finishing in Mogolia. That certainly is redonkulous!!!

This extract has been taken directly from their website and gives you a small idea of the magnitude of this adventure: “An epic journey of 16 000km, a third of the way around the world, in a fully equipped ambulance, through deserts, mountains and a plethora of countries most people haven’t even heard of. On July 23rd, from capital London we take our seats, clear our minds and start our engine. “Hold on Mongolia, here we come!” With NO back up crew and only our determination and wits to get us through the 4 weeks of long road that lies ahead, this is going to be one solid adventure and certainly no holiday!”

Mr Four Fingers has already donated to their cause and we are also supporting them by providing illustrations and artwork which are to be sold to help raise funds for their charities and their journey. The artworks will be sold at an exhibition which is to take place in Johannesburg in the coming weeks – place and date is TBC.

Please click here if you would like to see the illustration of ‘Dan The Man’ we have submitted for the exhibition.

Check out their video below for more info about the girls, the rally and Dan, the donkey.

1000 Traveling Names and a Donkey on the interweb from 1000 Traveling Names on Vimeo.

We encourage you to donate if you can. £’s, $’s, R’s – whatever. Every little bit helps. Please click here if you would like to donate.

Best of luck girls. Keep us up to date with the blog and pics.

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