Tribal – 2 – Skull Ink Drawing


Tribes_2_Skull-drawing_9 Tribes_2_Skull-drawing_7 Tribes_2_Skull-drawing_6 Tribes_2_Skull-drawing_5 Tribes_2_Skull_Ink_drawing_3 Tribes_2_Skull_Ink_drawing_1THis skull ink drawing arrives as number two in the ‘ Tribal’ series. As mentioned previously with ‘Tribal 1‘, this illustration is not based on actual tribes. Though ‘Tribes’ is a future idea for a series. This time I added a warthog skull.

Tools: Couple of ‘Uni Pin’ Fineliners, mostly dip pen and Indian ink, orange ink, toothbrush, white gel pen, salt (texture on skull)


Substrate: 300gsm Watercolour Paper (Cold Pressed – Slight texture)

Tribal – Skull Ink Drawing

Tribes_Skull_Ink_drawing_6 Tribes_Skull_Ink_drawing_4a Tribes_Skull_Ink_drawing_4 Tribes_Skull_Ink_drawing_3 Tribes_Skull_Ink_drawing_2 Tribes_Skull_Ink_drawing_1

This illustration is not based on actual tribes (though that is a future idea called ‘tribes’), it merely had a tribal feel to it. That and hidden layers of ‘deep meaning’. This skull ink drawing was created with a variety of pens, from fineliner to Pentel Brush Pen (also known as ‘pocket brush). The larger areas of black are Indian ink and the slash of colour is simply pink ink (though says purple on bottle).

I loathe drawing feathers but figured I would give it a go. Skull ref from Pale Horses skull reference book called New Life, available as digital download from Illustrated Monthly

Tools: various sizes of ‘Uni Pin’ Fineliners, Brush pen, indian ink, dip pen, ink, toothbrush, white gel pen.


Substrate: 300gsm Watercolour Paper (Cold Pressed – Slight texture)

SIT – Opening Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

We occasionally like to showcase other artists who blow our mortal minds and even though it has been a while this is surely worth the wait. SIT, the Dutch born artist, was invited to exhibit some work at Amsterdam’s museum of modern art, Stedelijk Museumand and added some extra flair to the opening evening with some live art which was then turned into a captivating animation.

There’s talent and then there is this guy! 

The live art was executed superbly, together with some amazing skills and a wicked video to compliment the whole damn package, it really does go on to inspire the shit outta that left brain.

For the re-opening of Amsterdam’s museum of modern art, Stedelijk Museum, SIT was invited to create a series of paintings on the opening night at the museum. This resulted in a series of 11 works called “kowws” – an interpretation of the chronophotography of birds in flight. His actions were beamed on one wall, with the progress of the crow’s animation on another.

Weird Nature Series – Vol. 4

Agama Agama lizard - weird nature series

Agama Agama lizard

Fanfin Seadevil weird nature series

Fanfin Seadevil

Deep ocean anglerfish and one crazy looking bastard

Weird Nature - Glaucus Atlanticus

Glaucus Atlanticus

A small blue sea slug, they may see fairly harmless but they feed on creatures like venomous cnidarians, they then store the stinging nematocyts within their own tissue. Meaning you may receive a sting when picking one up.

Yeti CRab

Kiwa jurists aka Yeti Crab

This furry looking wee bastard has hairy pincers that contain filamentous bacteria, which it may use to detoxify poisonous minerals from the water emitted by the hydrothermal vents where it lives. Only discovered by humans in 2005.

More creatures and creepers from the wonderful world of weird nature! If this is your first time seeing our weird nature series of fast and loose sketches then be sure to check out: Weird Nature Vol. 1, Weird Nature Vol. 2 and Weird Nature Vol 3 for more visual feasts on the strange world we live in.


Fast and Loose Side Skull

new skull study - side skull

More skull studies happening in the MFF world. This time with a side skull profile and incorporating some familiar fast & loose styling together with our skull study idea. Really please with the way it came out. This can also be seen on Instagram – speaking of, we would like to say thanks for all the feedback we receive on here. Great to know that people are liking what we are creating and always great to get feedback.

Our plans for this WIP are…

“Plan on masking skull, then adding spray paint to background, one colour or two tone.”

Ink On Paper

ink on paper

In a bid to recreate some dark overlord-inspired magic we ventured into a world of silhouettes, ink and digital landscapes to bring you this planned, and completely accidental, piece of artwork simply titled Ink on Paper. We have been trying to create a series of prints similar to Cosmic Effuse, the popular and now sold-out print, and in the process came up with this interesting execution.

This was recently on our Instagram feed so for those that follow us there we hope you enjoy it more the second time around.

Skull Study 4 – Pen and mixed media Illustration

Fast_and_loose_Skull_pen_drawing_9 Skull Study  Fast_and_loose_Skull_pen_drawing_7 Skull Study Fast_and_loose_Skull_pen_drawing_8 Skull Study Fast_and_loose_Skull_pen_drawing_6 Fast_and_loose_Skull_pen_drawing_4  Fast_and_loose_Skull_pen_drawing_3 Fast_and_loose_Skull_pen_drawing_2


As you will have noticed Skull Study is an ongoing series of skull drawings by us. This is the 4th in the series of  skull studies with the style leaning to more “fast and loose”. A term we use for when things get a little dirty and raw. This version we drew the skull almost as it were exploding.

Skull Study 4 was created with fineliners, pocket brush, Indian ink, metallic paint and spray paint.

More Skulls from #Instagram

patterned skull

This patterned skull is made up of tiny fragments cascading down to form a skull. There is a definitive style here and you’ll probably seeing more and more of this – although must take ages!!

charcoal skull

More fast and loose skull action here and apparently using charcoal is the way forward. Really nice execution of this technique and the dirtiness really highlights the gloominess of this piece. If that even makes sense.

Doug is certainly racking up the skull illustrations! These are taken from his Moleskine and are some teasers for what is to come in the future. I think every skull drawing or sketch Doug does just gets better and better and these are definitely in the my top 5 of his illustrative work.

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Weird Nature Volume 3

Weird Nature - Sarcastic Fringehead

Weird Nature – Sarcastic Fringehead. Small and ferocious fish , territorial as fuck. When two of them battles they push their two opens mouths together . Rrriight…

Weird Nature - Scorpions

Weird Nature – Scorpions. When you shine a UV light on a scorpion it shines like a frikken alien creature . For example a black Emperor scorpion shines bright blue . Scientists are not exactly sure why but they think it could a sort of detection system when looking for cover at night , as the moon’s mild uv rays will makes it’s body glow. Less glow = more hidden.

Weird Nature - Wendy Bully Whippet

Weird Nature – Wendy. This beast of a dog is called a Bully Whippet, the name given to this breed of dog born with a rare gene mutation that gives them ‘double muscle.’ 

Weird Nature - Golden Snub-nosed Monkey

Weird Nature – Golden Snub-nosed Monkey. No mention of it’s raging blue face. Lives in the mountainous forests of southwest China.

I know you’ve all been waiting in anticipation for more of the weird, wonderful and downright freaky, so without further adieu, here is the latest instalment in our Fast and Loose Weird Nature series, all of which can be found on our Mr Four Fingers Instagram Page.

Lunchtime Skull Sketches Via #Intsagram


more lunch time skull sketches

skull sketch



This series of skull sketches have been completed on various lunch breaks at the day job – Doug does graphic design for a product design company (if you were interested). They range between our fast and loose style and also for a bit of practice for new potential designs of which we are very hush hush about – SO DON’T ASK BECAUSE WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S GOING ON AND WHY ARE WE STILL SHOUTING?!

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