More Skulls from #Instagram

patterned skull

This patterned skull is made up of tiny fragments cascading down to form a skull. There is a definitive style here and you’ll probably seeing more and more of this – although must take ages!!

charcoal skull

More fast and loose skull action here and apparently using charcoal is the way forward. Really nice execution of this technique and the dirtiness really highlights the gloominess of this piece. If that even makes sense.

Doug is certainly racking up the skull illustrations! These are taken from his Moleskine and are some teasers for what is to come in the future. I think every skull drawing or sketch Doug does just gets better and better and these are definitely in the my top 5 of his illustrative work.

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Weird Nature Volume 3

Weird Nature - Sarcastic Fringehead

Weird Nature – Sarcastic Fringehead. Small and ferocious fish , territorial as fuck. When two of them battles they push their two opens mouths together . Rrriight…

Weird Nature - Scorpions

Weird Nature – Scorpions. When you shine a UV light on a scorpion it shines like a frikken alien creature . For example a black Emperor scorpion shines bright blue . Scientists are not exactly sure why but they think it could a sort of detection system when looking for cover at night , as the moon’s mild uv rays will makes it’s body glow. Less glow = more hidden.

Weird Nature - Wendy Bully Whippet

Weird Nature – Wendy. This beast of a dog is called a Bully Whippet, the name given to this breed of dog born with a rare gene mutation that gives them ‘double muscle.’ 

Weird Nature - Golden Snub-nosed Monkey

Weird Nature – Golden Snub-nosed Monkey. No mention of it’s raging blue face. Lives in the mountainous forests of southwest China.

I know you’ve all been waiting in anticipation for more of the weird, wonderful and downright freaky, so without further adieu, here is the latest instalment in our Fast and Loose Weird Nature series, all of which can be found on our Mr Four Fingers Instagram Page.

Lunchtime Skull Sketches Via #Intsagram


more lunch time skull sketches

skull sketch



This series of skull sketches have been completed on various lunch breaks at the day job – Doug does graphic design for a product design company (if you were interested). They range between our fast and loose style and also for a bit of practice for new potential designs of which we are very hush hush about – SO DON’T ASK BECAUSE WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S GOING ON AND WHY ARE WE STILL SHOUTING?!

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In Her Glory as Catwoman Sketch – Via #Intsagram


Nicola Catwoman

Not many can cavort about as Catwoman with as much sassiness as @inherglory . Quick fast and loose pen sketch – original picture shown to give you a rough idea of the picture we drew inspiration from. 

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Ink Planet – Via #Instagram

ink planet

Ink planet experiment, digitally inverted. Looks like a dying planet and is similar to our Inkscapes Series

Image courtesy of our Instagram feed, speaking of which, does anyone know how to link their Insta posts to WordPress?

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Chappie Fast and Loose Sketch


Quick little fast and loose sketch of Chappie. The film was a  slow burner but once the character of Chappie develops he becomes one funny fella. Not intentionally funny but more accidental as he does not know any better. Fucking love Blompkamp’s robot designs.

Twin Snakes

Twin_snakes_4Twin_snakes_7 Twin_snakes_6 Twin_snakes_5  Twin_snakes_3 Twin_snakes_2 Twin_snakes_1

Been messing about with a more ‘graphic’ look for these Twin Snakes. Decided to use solid blacks and a stippling technique for the tones. This will hopefully become a part of our next series of t-shirts.

Camouflage Skull


Camouflage_Skull_LR_5 Camouflage_Skull_LR_4 Camouflage_Skull_LR_3 Camouflage_Skull_LR_2 Camouflage_Skull_LR_1

The skull today come form out very own closest. No fancy pens were used and a fair amount of dizzy spells were endured.

We are continuously creating this type of ‘pattern skull’ using these ‘bits’, like small floating rectangles. This time however we wanted it to look more like a hidden skull. This Camouflage Skull reminds me of bark on a tree or those moths that cover tree trunks. Hmm, maybe our next piece can be a mass of moths making up a skull shape.

Moleskine Sketches – 2015

IMAG1011 IMAG1070 IMAG1071 IMG_20141230_192348 IMG_20150109_142727 IMG_20150110_130930 IMG_20150111_180800 IMG_20150112_134947 IMG_20150115_101331 IMG_20150116_111258 Moleskine_Feb_2015_1 Moleskine_Feb_2015_2 Moleskine_Feb_2015_3 Moleskine_Feb_2015_4 Moleskine_Feb_2015_5  Moleskine_Feb_2015_7 Moleskine_Feb_2015_8 Moleskine_Feb_2015_9 Moleskine_Feb_2015_10 Moleskine_Feb_2015_11 Moleskine_Feb_2015_12 Moleskine_Feb_2015_13 Moleskine_Feb_2015_14 Moleskine_Feb_2015_15 Moleskine_Feb_2015_16  Moleskine_Feb_2015_18 Moleskine_Feb_2015_19 Moleskine_Feb_2015_20  Moleskine_Feb_2015_22  Moleskine_Feb_2015_24 Moleskine_Feb_2015_25 Moleskine_Feb_2015_26 Moleskine_Feb_2015_27 Moleskine_Feb_2015_28 Moleskine_Feb_2015_29 Moleskine_Feb_2015_30 Moleskine_Feb_2015_31 Moleskine_Feb_2015_32 Moleskine_Feb_2015_33 Moleskine_Feb_2015_34 Moleskine_Feb_2015_35 Moleskine_Feb_2015_36 Random_Moleskine_ SketchA whole whack of moleskine sketches from about September 2014 until Feb 2015. Went through a bit of a sketching lull back Im back into it with full force. Especially recently with our Weird Nature series.


Weird Nature Vol 2

Our Fast & Loose Weird Nature Series is coming at you this week with the second of its kind in volume two. Things get weirder and stranger by the day as Doug takes to his Moleskin in a bid to bring some oddballs from the world we live straight to a phone or screen near you. The descriptions of the specimens have been taken from our Mr Four Fingers Instagram account – I love the language Doug uses to describe them, and supported by fast and loose style, it really adds a lot of character.



Death stare, ‘mon then big yin, under the scrutinizing gaze of a microscope. Looks like a juvenile Tusken Raider




Face full of teeth deep in the ocean. They physically resemble Lizardfish, though their heads flatter and their teeth are barbed. They even say there are teeth on it’s tongue. They reside in deep oceans below 1600m depth !




This animal looks like some some crazy star wars creature in a jazz band . Unfortunately this java critically endangered antelope foubd only in Russia and Kazakhstan. It’s oversized, flexible nose structure helps filter out dust kicked up by herd and heats up cold winter air before it enters the lungs.




Devils in the detail. This nocturnal reptile can be found only in Madagascar with a leaf like tail which it can voluntarily discard to trick predators

satan frog