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Celebrabis Vitae Skull Exhibition – 31st October 2014

  By now you probably realised that we also run the Skull...

Other Hand Illustration

I definitely have a fascination for hands and the emotion they can...

East London From The Air

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Pentel Pocket Brush Pen


As with any ‘artist’ I have a whole bunch of tools at my side, many gathering a little dust, like my Pentel Pocket Brush. I bought it quite a few months ago but since then I seem to have been using my extra fine art pen more. But I’m back to using it, at least a little more and having started using it again, I may not out down again for awhile.

It’s a pretty fun brush, if you can say such a thing about what is essentially a paint brush/pen. What I really like about it is you can go real delicate and fine or create thick strokes by turning and applying more pressure. Works best, for me, on extra smooth paper.

Finished this sketch in my Moleskine with pencil, another medium of colour I want to use more. Maybe mix up pen work with pencils and ink.

The Death Troll – Plastik Schmack


The guys over at Streets of Beige are at it again with another wicked exhibition, this time with Plastik Schmack .The idea behind the show, is challenging artists to bash the shit outta toys, to break them apart and combine elements to make something new. I expect there will be plenty of weird creations.

This is our contribution. Welcome, The Death Troll. Made from the unlawful union of WWF wrestler and Russ Troll, this evil spawn is rising to wreck havoc. Or adorn your shelf and collect dust. All the while gazing out from his coffin. Watching, waiting…plotting.

The process photos are pretty self explanatory. The head was attached using ‘green stuff’, the same putty that fellas from Warhammer use on their wee models. Putty dries rock solid. I don’t have the camera capacity to capture the glow in the dark eyes or the subtly glowing body after dark, so maybe the guys at SOB can give it a go.

Hope our little evil bastard makes it to Plastik Schmack without the Post Office steam rolling it.

 Death_Troll_Process_1 Death_Troll_Process_3 Death_Troll_Process_2- Plastik Schmack Death_Troll_Process_4 Death_Troll_Process_6 Death_Troll_Process_5 Plastik Schmack    Death_Troll_Process_10

Death_Troll_Process_7 Plastik SchmackDeath_Troll_Process_9Death_Troll_Process_11 Death_Troll_Process_13 Death_Troll_Process_12 Death_Troll_Process_15 Death_Troll_Process_14 Death_Troll_Process_18 Death_Troll_Process_17 Death_Troll_Process_16 Death_Troll_Process_21 Death_Troll_Process_19

Celebrabis Vitae Skull Exhibition – 31st October 2014



Bcelebrabis_vitaey now you probably realised that we also run the Skull Appreciation Society, a blog dedicated to sharing the best skulls with you from all corners of the globe. The blog has snowballed and we are in the process of setting up one of the biggest, and hopefully coolest , skull art exhibitions this year - CELEBRABIS VITAE.

The opening night of the exhibition, commonly known as the private view, is going to be taking place on the 31st October 2014 which falls perfectly on Halloween (what are the chances?!) and is going to be a great night celebrating life, skulls, art and other gloriously dark and bone-cracking activities.

The art exhibition will run until the following Thursday, the 6th November, which also falls on the popular First Thursday which is the perfect opportunity to come and drink some free beer with us (if you miss the opening night of course).

We would like to invite you to join us in a celebration of life and art as we salute this iconic symbol and remember the lives of our past loved ones.


  • Skull exhibition and shop, including goodie bags for first 10 purchases
  • Live drawing by Iain Macarthur
  • Rooftop cocktail bar – Drinks rom £2.50!
  • Face Painters – Free
  • Tarot card reader – Free
  • Toast and tribute to celebrate the lives of our past friends and family
  • DJ
  • Competitions



DATE: 31st October 2014
TIME: 6pm – 12am
LOCATION: BOX STUDIO, 1-3 French Place, London, E1 6JB
PRICE: From £10
EXHIBITION: Runs from 31st October – 6th November (which also falls on a first Thursday)

Ticket prices will start from £10, with a free drink on entry. Guests are encouraged to wear a skull for the show – those that do will be entered into a prize draw to win something skulltastic*.

Stay up to date and Follow us on Twitter and/or Like us on Facebook

A limited amount of early bird tickets are available for £5 with a second tier available for £7.50 when you buy 2.



Teeth and Silhouettes


Storm_MFF_2 teeth

Just messing about with the idea of a silhouette, teeth and messy markers and blackness. Yeah, I use black silhouettes often, err, and teeth , but I wanted to try something is bit looser.

This was created with pen, indian ink, markers and spray paint. It only measures 30cmx40cm. I have ideas for future spray paint murals that have this style and idea in mind. I called it storm but maybe ‘In Mind’ is better. Hmmm.

Great word as well, ‘silhouette’.

Other Hand Illustration

Hand IllustrationHand Illustration

I definitely have a fascination for hands and the emotion they can convey , either through action or inaction. I have even recently downloaded a ‘How to Hands’ that I will get stuck into soon ; to garner even more knowledge about every artists foe and friend, THE HAND. I drew this hand with some dripping blood and posed  articulation that is meant to convey a  feeling of turmoil and torment.

I like that moment , that close cropped detail of something that has just happened or is about to happen, that leaves the viewer wondering. I reckon the next step is to create a series of these hands in all sortds of scenarios.

This bloody hand illustration, called ‘Other Hand’ was created with dip pen, indian ink and acrylic paint.

Stickerbomb Skulls – Book and Launch Party


We were invited to be part of a skull sticker book, called Stickerbomb Skulls. The book itself features over 300 skull stickers from a variety of artists from around the world who love illustrating skulls. We even made the cover with one of our skull people. I feel a BOOM is in order.

The book, published by Laurence King publishers, was produced by Studio Rarekwai, a production and content creation collaborative setup by Ryo Sanada and Shazeed Hassan. 

“Stickerbomb Skulls is the latest themed book in the Stickerbomb series, featuring many forms of design and illustrations of skulls by an eclectic mix of artists from around the world. Skulls are a very strong visual icon used extensively in the worlds of fashion, jewellery, graphic design, music, street art and tattoos. The book will appeal to existing Stickerbomb fans as well as new fans who love skull imagery.”



The launch party for the book is happening at the Kult Gallery in Singapore and they have also invited us to exhibit some of our skull artwork. Unfortunately we can’t make the show but our work will be gracing their creative walls so if you are in that neck of the woods I suggest you stop by.


Stickerbomb Skulls Launch Party Deets:

Friday 1st August 2014

Kult Gallery, Singapore

18:00 – Late

Facebook Invitation Here. 

Our plans for world domination are slowly taking shape – next stop Singapore!

Sinners Pen and Ink Illustration


What seems like ages ago ( it was) we dressed Craig and Sharona up in some wrestling mask holding a ‘SINNERS’ sign they found outside their door. Hmm it’s a sign of s ‘sign’. Not sure what I mean.

We took the photos so I had some drawing fodder and the other day I decided to draw one. Here it. Pretty simple. There will be more, maybe like two. Just being realistic.

Created with dip pen and indian ink. Like I mentioned I referenced the photo but decided to ink it straight instead of ink over pencil. I find this way on drawing, on smaller pieces is fun and makes you focus more on relative points and angles etc. I lie like a sack of potatoes, I did pencil on the right arm.


Lappet-faced Vulture – Process




Torgos_Process_4 Torgos_Process_6

Here are some preocess shots of a Lappet-faced Vulture, called Torgos (derived from it’s Latin name) and is our second piece for Mr Gresty and his exhibition called ‘ZOO’. I decided to create this illustration in a more ‘Fast and Loose’ style with dip pen, indian ink, brushes and a smattering of spray paint and charcoal.

Macaw Skull – Final

Macaw skull


Macaw skull

Eventually finished this Macaw Skull piece the other night. I thought the inking of the background would not take long. Oooo was I wrong. I also then decided to hatch the sections. Yes, it took ages. Each section was created by ‘painting’ with water and sroppin in ink with eyedropper. Once dry this was then covered withlight blue copic markers and pen hatching. View the process shots here.

This piece (50cmx70cm) is sold framed for £230 is is a part of the upcoming ZOO exhibition held at the Hanbury Pub, curated by Mr Gresty.


Follow this link for the details.

ZOO – An Animal Kingdom in London Curated by Mr Gresty


Mr Gresty is at it again. He’s only gone and created another exciting artist brief for an upcoming art exhibition, called ZOO, at the Hanbury Arms in Islington, London. He’s invited us back, God only knows why, and we are happy to be exhibiting work next to some super talented and sexy artists, illustrators and designers.

I love the fact that Gresty’s briefs are so open to interpretation and you really do get a great mix of styles and executions. I would love to see him taking over a gallery (hint hint) as sometimes work in a pub is hard to get to and the focus is not on the work but rather on the ambience and the drink, not that I mind the drinking bit, and not one of of those poncey galleries with so many white walls that you feel blind and poor by the time you leave. Or better yet I reckon he should create a pub-themed concept gallery for his next show. No pressure! I’m not complaining by the way just shooting the shit.

We wanted to mix it up by submitting a skull. Because we’ve never done one before so we wanted to get out of our comfort zone. Okay, I’m allowed one bad joke a day. So we are creating a Macaw Skull with a lively background and it’s a beast as well – 50x70cm. You can see the process shots here if you want and once we have completed the artwork we will definitely be sharing it.

Visit the event page here and tell Facebook you are there like a bear. It’s a great little pub and they do great pizza’s and Doug and I will be there so win-win. See you there?

The Hanbury – 33 Linton Street, Islington, N1 7D
Friday 11th July From 7PM
Facebook /hanburyarmspub
Twitter @TheHanburyArms