Bar Fight – Pink Skull

pink skull bar fight

Found an old WIP super bright skull from about a year ago, lurking in the print rack. About time it was finished…


We decided to add only a little more detail to this skull. It’s be created with pen, flouro and spraypaint on card.

We’ve decided to call this pink skull BAR FIGHT on the account of the missing front teeth and the neanderthal-ish shape of it’s skull. Got something better? leave your suggestions in the comments box.

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Sometimes we draw with a purpose. Sometimes we don’t. This portrait was one of those times when we just went with the flow.

It’s got some big ol’ teeth (hence the name), lots of etching and some soul-swallowing black eyes. Looks pretty ominous.

Skull Art – Left & Found Art

Skull_Art_5Skull_Art_6 Skull_Art_4 Skull_Art_3 Skull_Art_2 Skull_Art_1

Ok, could not think of a better name than ‘Skull Art’, yeah kinda lame. But what do you call a skull scratched on spray paint that’s on the back of Perspex?  We found this thick piece of Perspex/acrylic and decided make yet another piece for Left & Found Art.

The very first piece of ‘art’ we left in the street was found by a passerby and taken home. Result. They also got in touch with us, telling us how they felt like a child stealing sweets in a store. Exactly how we want you to feel when you decide to overcome indecision and take the piece home. Since then (2011) a few more people have got in touch but I would say about 70% of the pieces are simply gone, like Keyser Söze. Of course it does not help if we don’t write our name on the piece, like the last one at Whitecross Street Party. Fail.

This piece of Skull Art was trickier to create than it looks. First the skull was drawn. Then cut for spray paint stencil. But as it was on the back, we had to spray the skull shape, and then cover in black. Meaning the skull has to be scratched into the back (not traced), Only the faintest shape of the skull shows under the black paint as a guide. Will loop some wire through the holes to assist on hanging or to assist throwing into the River Danube. Yes this is another Left & Found Piece for Budapest.


Skull Ink Drawing

Skull_Ink_Drawing_4 Skull_Ink_Drawing_3 Skull_Ink_Drawing_2 Skull_Ink_Drawing_1

This simple skull ink drawing was created with a Sharpie ultra fine marker, spray paint, acrylic, gauche (highlights) and Posca pen. The substrate is good ol stretched canvas, about 40cmx40cm. This teal skull will next make an appearance on some dark street in Budapest. We are going there soon, so we figured it would be good to leave some Left & Found Art.

When one skull ain’t enough


When one skull ain’t enough.

Double page moleskine.

#skulls #moleskine #sketchbook




Hands and skull #FAST&LOOSE Illustration

Little Golden Skull

little golden skull

Don’t think I will ever tire of drawing little skulls #skull


It's Monday. It could be worse. #fallingdown #michaeldouglas #Monday #moleskine

It’s Monday. It could be worse. #fallingdown #michaeldouglas#Monday #moleskine

A Beautiful, Romantic Short Film About Making Ink

Canada-based company, The Printing Ink Company, shows us how ink is made in this short film.

In this film, they talk about the materials, techniques and processes used in making their inks, such as the scraping tests conducted to ensure that every drop of ink is equally mixed. They have even revealed the methods of creating every conceivable color of the PANTONE spectrum, which is probably something every designer will find interesting.

This film shows the passion, craft and science that goes into making every jar of ink. It is also very therapeutic to watch!

Article credit: Design Taxi


print making film print making ink powder print making red ink

Skull Drawings Collaboration with Santaelle

Skull_Teeth_Drawing_6 Skull_Teeth_Drawing_5 Skull_Teeth_Drawing_2 Skull_Teeth_Drawing_1 Dripping_Skull_Drawings_2 Dripping_Skull_Drawings_1_ Dripping_Skull_and_Teeth

It took me long enough but eventually I finished these two skull drawings. These inked bastards are making their way to the Australia for some pattern treatment by Santaelle. This is a random collaboration through a meeting on Instagram.

The teeth drawing is mainly fine nib dip pen and Indian ink and fineliners. I sprayed with matt varnish which was a mistake is it made the blacks very flat, almost dark grey. So I reworked charcoal on top and sealed with hairspray instead.

The dripping skull …shit I think it was either brushpen or brush and Indian Ink and dip pen.

The next step is to see what pattern madness Santaelle can come up with.