Skull Marks The Spot – Skull T-shirt Design

So after sitting in the dusty halls of my mac for ages...

Tesselated Triangles and Skull Illustration

Above are the process sketches for a recent skull illustration of ours....

Weird Nature Vol 2

Our Fast & Loose Weird Nature Series is coming at you this...


It took us long enough, but we finally createD the video of...

Moleskine Sketches – 2015

IMAG1011 IMAG1070 IMAG1071 IMG_20141230_192348 IMG_20150109_142727 IMG_20150110_130930 IMG_20150111_180800 IMG_20150112_134947 IMG_20150115_101331 IMG_20150116_111258 Moleskine_Feb_2015_1 Moleskine_Feb_2015_2 Moleskine_Feb_2015_3 Moleskine_Feb_2015_4 Moleskine_Feb_2015_5  Moleskine_Feb_2015_7 Moleskine_Feb_2015_8 Moleskine_Feb_2015_9 Moleskine_Feb_2015_10 Moleskine_Feb_2015_11 Moleskine_Feb_2015_12 Moleskine_Feb_2015_13 Moleskine_Feb_2015_14 Moleskine_Feb_2015_15 Moleskine_Feb_2015_16  Moleskine_Feb_2015_18 Moleskine_Feb_2015_19 Moleskine_Feb_2015_20  Moleskine_Feb_2015_22  Moleskine_Feb_2015_24 Moleskine_Feb_2015_25 Moleskine_Feb_2015_26 Moleskine_Feb_2015_27 Moleskine_Feb_2015_28 Moleskine_Feb_2015_29 Moleskine_Feb_2015_30 Moleskine_Feb_2015_31 Moleskine_Feb_2015_32 Moleskine_Feb_2015_33 Moleskine_Feb_2015_34 Moleskine_Feb_2015_35 Moleskine_Feb_2015_36 Random_Moleskine_ SketchA whole whack of moleskine sketches from about September 2014 until Feb 2015. Went through a bit of a sketching lull back Im back into it with full force. Especially recently with our Weird Nature series.


Weird Nature Vol 2

Our Fast & Loose Weird Nature Series is coming at you this week with the second of its kind in volume two. Things get weirder and stranger by the day as Doug takes to his Moleskin in a bid to bring some oddballs from the world we live straight to a phone or screen near you. The descriptions of the specimens have been taken from our Mr Four Fingers Instagram account – I love the language Doug uses to describe them, and supported by fast and loose style, it really adds a lot of character.



Death stare, ‘mon then big yin, under the scrutinizing gaze of a microscope. Looks like a juvenile Tusken Raider




Face full of teeth deep in the ocean. They physically resemble Lizardfish, though their heads flatter and their teeth are barbed. They even say there are teeth on it’s tongue. They reside in deep oceans below 1600m depth !




This animal looks like some some crazy star wars creature in a jazz band . Unfortunately this java critically endangered antelope foubd only in Russia and Kazakhstan. It’s oversized, flexible nose structure helps filter out dust kicked up by herd and heats up cold winter air before it enters the lungs.




Devils in the detail. This nocturnal reptile can be found only in Madagascar with a leaf like tail which it can voluntarily discard to trick predators

satan frog


It took us long enough, but we finally createD the video of our first mural! We call it Neuro Silence. Please get in touch if you would like us to come to your pub and paint something cool. You’ll need to ply us with beer and burgers though…

Tesselated Triangles and Skull Illustration

Skull_Ilustration Skull_Inside_1_Skull_Ilustration Skull_Inside_2_Skull_Ilustration Skull_Inside_3_Skull_Ilustration Skull_Inside_4_Skull_Ilustration Skull_Inside_6_skull illustration Skull_Inside_7 Skull_Inside_8_skull illustration Skull_Inside_9 Skull_Inside_10 skull illustration

Above are the process sketches for a recent skull illustration of ours. The images show the drawing stages from initial concept doodle in my Moleskine sketchbook all the way to the  final drawing.

This design will be making an appearance again soon on a new MFF product. But what shall it be, print? Or t-shirt? Hmm, time will tell (decided during the course of a whisky debate)

This skull illustration, featuring tesselated triangles was hand drawn with fineliner pens.

Johnny Express [VIDEO]

A few months back we were contacted by the dudes from Streets of Beige (SOB) to take part in the Big Ass Monster Show, which was an illustrative brief to create your very own monster and we happily accepted the challenge. Doug went on to create some very interesting monsters, the like you’ve probably never seen before – you can see our submissions over here.

During this time, SOB, posted this amazing little animation called ‘Johnny Express’ about a lazy-ass spaceman who travels the galaxy dropping off parcels, similar to an inter-galactic UPS, in the year 2150. The mission ending up being a success but at a drastic and somewhat humorous cost, and without giving too much away I invite you to watch the below video. The animation was created by the talented Alfred Imageworks.

JohnnyExpress from AlfredImageworks on Vimeo.

Weird Nature Series – Fast and Loose

Doug recently added me to an email thread where him and other friends share discoveries on the weird and wonderful world of nature. Some of the discoveries are fascinating and I can certainly imagine David Attenborough doing a macabre-like series on some of the strange and evil critters which occupy our lands and waters. Anyways I was joking about how to turn this email thread into something more and Doug decided to start doing fast and loose illustrations on each animal. Yet again, another brilliant idea by me…

The result has been an Instagram hit, well I like them, and we will be sharing these illustrations with you in an ongoing series.


Maned Wolf

This is definitely not the creation one expects when hearing the name ‘Maned Wolf’. This long legged fellow is the tallest of the Canid family (that’s domestic dawgs, wolves, jackals etc) and it is thought the long legs are an evolutionary adaptation to the tall grasses of Southern America. They may look like foxes but are a part of a different genus.


mamed wolf weird nature


The Potoo is weird for the fact that he looks like he has just snorted a massive line of Walters Whites special meth… GODAAAAAAAM THAT MOONS BRIGHT


weird nature 2

Parktown Prawns

Parktown Prawns are not prawns. But they are ugly as sin. These beasties are more like crickets (known as King Cricket), they are omnivorous and particularly hard to kill. They were mentioned on the film District 9. If you try pick them up (for some godforsaken reason) they might spurt out some nice “black fecal liquids”.  They have been known to carry children away.

Cymothoa Exigua

This parasitic crustacean basically eats your tongue and then replaces it, living off bits of food and blood. It’s called a Cymothoa Exigua or Tongue Eating Louse. Oh God it’s fucking creepy.
tongue eating louse

Under The Skin

Under_The_Skin_Flat Portrait_Under_The_Skin_9 Portrait_Under_The_Skin_8 Portrait_Under_The_Skin_7 Portrait_Under_The_Skin_6 Portrait_Under_The_Skin_5 Portrait_Under_The_Skin_4 Portrait_Under_The_Skin_3 Portrait_Under_The_Skin_2 Portrait_Under_The_Skin_1

When I first heard about the film plot for  ‘Under the Skin’ from a few friends I was initially dubious as to how good it could be. But my friends seemed impressed (Nude Scarlett aside) and only talked about how weird it was.

So I decided to watch it and man was it a good film. Good because it is so different from many other ‘alien’ films and the fact that so much of the acting is ‘real life ‘and improv. The films score by Mica Levi is simply amazing and sets the eerie tone for the whole film.

One of these eerie tracks can be listened to below

It inspired me to create this illustration of the alien being ‘Under the Skin’ lead role played by Scarlett Johanssen.  This portrait, of sorts, was created with pen and indian ink. Below is the process and final piece.


Strange Sketches

Wire_Face_Weird_Drawing_1 Wire_Face_Weird_Drawing_2 Wire_Face_Weird_Drawing_3 Wire_Face_Weird_Drawing_4

I was messing about with wrapping wire around my head. This intention was to provide reference for what I can only describe as strange sketches. Reckon I will experiment more but in the meantime here are some sketches.

Happy New Year

MFF_New_YearThanks for all the support over the years and for parting with your hard earned cash. This first half of the new year willl see us launching a new range of tees (about time) and probably new prints. I reckon we will also be smashing some London markets. We shall keep you posted.




To The Sky – Ink Illustration

To_The_Sky_1_LR To_The_Sky_2_LR To_The_Sky_3_LR


This hand drawn pen drawing/ink illustration is called ‘To The Sky’. It was created with fineliner pens and indian ink.